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Ron Fry


I grew up a shy, nerdy farm kid from Midwest America with several passions: Jesus, airplanes, and creative storytelling.  As a youth, I dabbled in writing and theater, and very nearly pursued an acting career.  After much internal debate, I concluded a flying career was safer and a little less nutty (God is still laughing over that one!) and today, I fly professionally all over the globe in the greatest airliner ever built.


But my love for both Jesus and creative storytelling continued to burn, so I served on our church’s drama team.  That ministry was shelved around the same time Airline Job #3 (the last job I ever wanted) was metaphorically flown into a chocolate-chip cookie mountain.  Tragedy?  Sure!  But like the great Chuck Missler said many times, “Coincidence is not kosher!” 

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