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The Good King

The Good King is a magical tale of a reprobate scallywag and two orphan ragamuffins who leave comfort and riches for the greatest journey of their lives.

Patch the pirate was the meanest, low-down buccaneer to ever sail the ancient sea. Teaming up
with two young stowaways, the trio searches the globe hoping to find a kingdom ruled by a special king who can forgive and love the unlovable. 

Written for both young and old, this timeless story will warm your heart, widen your smile, and maybe even start a quest or two of its own!

The Good King

SKU: 0005
  • 50 glorious full-color 11" x 8.5" pages 



  • We have our books in-house, so we ship out ASAP. They are shipped in a padded flat envelope.

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