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Meet Ron Fry


My Story

I grew up a shy, nerdy farm kid from Midwest America with several passions: Jesus, airplanes, and creative storytelling.  As a youth, I dabbled in writing and theater, and very nearly pursued an acting career.  After much internal debate, I concluded a flying career was safer and a little less nutty (God is still laughing over that one!) and today, I fly professionally all over the globe in the greatest airliner ever built. 


But my love for both Jesus and creative storytelling continued to burn, so I served on our church’s drama team. 


That ministry was shelved around the same time Airline Job #3 (the last job I ever wanted) was metaphorically flown into a chocolate-chip cookie mountain.  Tragedy?  Sure!  But like the great Chuck Missler said many times, “Coincidence is not kosher!”  For therapy, I started writing again, and in 2013 my first book, “The Good King” was published.  The local community support was awesome, and in 2019 we launched our second book, “I Will Be Your Friend.” 


The astonishing artwork for both was created by a true Renaissance man, my High School football coach, the Godly and great Terry Werntz.  I couldn’t ask for better art.  You’ll find his stuff to be undefeatable! 


My fantabulous wife and I live in the same rural community we grew up in.  We’ve got five incredible kids and six amazing grandkids (most of ‘em live close) that somehow think us two old geezers are still cool.  (So far!)


Thanks for checking out our site!  It’s our prayer that these and future works will bring joy to you and yours until the return of the King!


Meet the Illustrator

My Story

Terry Werntz from Freeport, Illinois is the illustrator of both of Ron Fry’s books,

The Good King and I Will Be Your Friend.
He has also illustrated a book called Oren Bunny Meets Essie Bear written by Bonnie Faust and is the author and illustrator of Grace the Church Mouse.
Ron was one of Terry’s students and football players back in the day. Terry retired from teaching art in 2011. He now makes his home with his wife, Janet, and their British Shorthair cat, Chanelle.

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