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Ron Fry Books

Telling fun stories for younglings that share God’s love!

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The Adventure Begins!

Hey folks!  Ron Fry here, author of The Good King series, and our brand-new kids book that we’re very excited about, I Will Be Your Friend.

It’s a story as old as Man: our passionate need for relationship.  The star of the book is one of my all-time favorite animals: the weird, misfit duckbill platypus! Platty’s friend-quest is a journey of loneliness, bullying, heartbreak, compassion, and triumph.  It’s a story of hearing God’s voice, listening (or not!) and choosing whether we do things His way, or our way.  The incredible artwork is from a very dear friend and mentor, the great Terry Werntz.  He’s a true Renaissance man, and one of the Godliest guys I know.  I’m very proud to have him bring my vision to life!

How Ron Fry Books Work

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Character Development
Spiritual Development
Emotional Intelligence
Human Connection


I Will Be Your Friend


God designed us to live in relationship!

Platty the platypus had always been lonely, left out, and rejected by the other animals. One day, Platty finally asks God for help! 

I Will Be Your Friend is Platty’s amazing, heartbreaking, and triumphant journey of listening (or not!) to God, the value of good friends, and the agape love God has for the unlovable. Enjoy, friend!

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